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ISO 9001 defines the specifications and requirements that must be followed for a service or product to be considered of high quality, although it does not specify which procedures are required (an organization should describe the operational conditions optimally). ISO 9001 includes seven main conditions, as well as certain sub-clauses, that must be recognized and implemented. For ISO 9001 certification assistance, contact IQC The ISO Pros of Cheyenne, Wyoming (WY).


ISO 45001

The ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management System is a method of addressing issues that protect staff and key stakeholders from harm and risk. It protects employees from conditions brought about or aggravated by their employment, as well as injuries incurred by accidents. It’s also important for the safety of visitors to your premises, such as customers. Improving the health and safety system to the ISO 45001 standard would help you track, control, and comply with health and safety regulations. This reduces the risk of a lawsuit, increases competition, and builds consumer confidence. We will help you create a customized QMS and provide training at IQC The ISO Pros in Cheyenne, Wyoming (WY).

What role will ISO 45001 play in my company’s growth?

One thing that an occupational accident or illness can cost the company is money. A single incident may also permanently ruin your reputation. As a consequence of bad health, millions of days are missed per year, resulting in substantial productivity losses. The ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management System was created to help you reduce these risks and their related costs.

By benchmarking current procedures and processes against ISO 45001 certification requirements, you will protect the company in weeks. The globally recognized ISO 45001 standard is also the minimum requirement for complying with tender requirements and demonstrating conformity to employee protection and best practices. Your ISO 45001 certification will be valuable to both public and private sector clients because it demonstrates that you are a forward-thinking company that mitigates risks and follows regulations.

ISO 27001

In today’s modern landscape, no organization can continue to overlook the value of good information protection management. Malware attacks and market data leakage are two examples of dangers. Customers trust the service provider to safeguard the details they give to the organization. When market experience is misused, it endangers customers. ISO 27001 is an international framework that lays the groundwork for implementing and managing an ISMS (Information Security Management System) to avoid and mitigate risks. The 2005 edition was substituted by this one. IQC The ISO Pros of Cheyenne, Wyoming (WY) knows what it takes to be certified to protect their customers.

Via a subcommittee, the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electro-Technical Commission worked on the introduction of the specification. A company doesn’t have to be certified, but it is highly recommended. The certification will be performed by an independent and accredited certification body. There are 10 parts and an appendix to the standard. The first delves into the size, the second into the analogy, the third into the re-use of terms and concepts, and the fourth into the company and its stakeholders.

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